Opened in 2012, GO Studios is a dynamic, multi-purpose facility located in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia. A hub for the film and television industry in Vancouver, GO Studios encompasses state-of-the-art casting facilities, a talent agency, theatre space, and comprehensive training for performers of all ages and levels.

GO Studios is home to some of the most prolific casting directors in the city, and as the largest casting facility in Vancouver GO Studios offers bright, spacious rooms, efficient video and sound equipment, and professional voice-over recording studios on location. The studio can also accommodate offsite casting and recording, as well as remote video conferencing sessions.

GO Studios also boasts a fully operational theatre with over 100 seats. The space is equipped with a movie theatre quality display for film screenings and is ideal for small to mid-size stage performances. See our Facilities and Services pages to find out more.

Acting programs are offered through Vancouver Acting School and Vancouver Young Actors School in a variety of disciplines for performers of all skill levels. The instructors and coaches at GO Studios are highly sought after professionals, currently working and excelling in their respective fields. Here at GO Studios, students will learn everything from the basics of performance to the finer technical details of reading and perfecting a script.