GO Studios is committed to ensuring the safety of everyone who uses our facilities, including staff, actors, students, and instructors. As a studio we house casting facilities, acting and voice-over classes, and a talent agency. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 situation in British Columbia, staff have been working to adapt our space to meet physical distancing requirements. As one of the largest casting studios in Vancouver we are able to continue many of our regular activities safely with little disruption. Below is a list of policies and commitments that everyone who uses our facilities will be held to as our business begins to open its doors. These policies have been made while keeping in mind guidelines from WorkSafe BC, the BC CDC, and provincial health officials.

For more detailed information on policies regarding COVID-19 within classes held at GO Studios, please refer to the Vancouver Acting School and Vancouver Young Actors School websites.

  1. Masks or face coverings are required for everyone inside the studio hallways and waiting areas. 
  2. Entry will be denied to anyone without a sufficient mask or face covering or who is experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms as outlined by the BC CDC.
  3. Temperatures will be taken upon arrival using a non-invasive temperature check. Anyone with a temperature over 38°C will be asked to wait outside the building for five minutes, at which time their temperature will be re-taken. If their temperature remains over 38°C, they will be denied entry into the building and advised to take the BC Self-Assessment Tool, and to seek testing if required.
  4. At the beginning of each shift, all staff must complete the Active Health Screening questionnaire as per the Provincial Health Order.
  5. Every person will be required to wash or sanitize their hands upon entering the studio. A sanitation station has been set up at our main entrance to ensure everyone has access to sanitation materials.
  6. Customer inquiries will be limited to phone calls or pre-determined appointments. (i.e. – no walk-ins).
  7. Signs and notices are placed throughout the studio stating these policies, as well as guidelines on hand washing and mask wearing.
  8. Main doors will be propped ajar to reduce contact with door handles.
  9. Increased studio sanitation and cleaning throughout the day to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 through high-touch surfaces such as bathrooms and door handles that cannot be left ajar.
  10. Hallways are marked with arrows to show which direction to walk to avoid congestion.
  11. Everyone must exit through the rear door to avoid cross-traffic at the front foyer, which will be enter-only.
  12. Masks or face coverings may be removed for photos and auditions once a minimum of 6ft is achieved.
  13. All waiting area spaces are measured and clearly labeled to enforce physical distancing of at least 6ft.
  14. Hand sanitizer and cleaning spray are placed in every room for staff to use to sanitize between auditions.
  15. Kitchen and milling areas have been closed to reduce the ability to congregate.
  16. Remote casting services are available upon request.
  17. Casting waiting areas are limited to two individuals or groups (households that are not required to physically distance from one another are considered a group).
  18. Actor / group audition times must be spread out to a minimum of 10 minute intervals to reduce the amount of people entering the studio at any one time.
  19. Aside from the group that is on deck, all other groups are asked to wait outside the building until they are contacted and told to enter.
  20. Audition rooms are clearly labeled to show limits enforcing physical distancing of a minimum of 6ft.
  21. Staff work stations have been spread out and work-from-home policies are available.
  22. Break times are staggered to further reduce chance of contact between staff.